A new global quality of service model: QoXphere


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The telecommunications sector has experienced significant changes over the past few years. The advent and rise of new applications and services, together with a competitive market, has led to a complex scenario in which quality of service plays a major role. Under this condition, novel QoS regulation and standardization initiatives are required. During the last few years new terms and concepts, such as quality of experience or QoS perceived, have been included in the updated and new QoS-related standards as to better integrate the user’s point of view, as opposed to only network performance parameters. The influence of the user’s satisfaction on the quality of business has also been given increased attention in the regulation and standardization bodies recently. The result is a loose collection of metrics and models that are not standardized and do not integrate all aspects of quality. Such integration is necessary to assure the successful development of this sector. This paper presents a new and integrated QoS model (QoXphere) that is spherical, adaptive, and multi-layered.

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