Towards an Immersive and Accessible Virtual Reconstruction of Theaters from the Early Modern: Bringing Back Cultural Heritage from the Past


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This paper reports on the work being done towards achieving an immersive and accessible reconstruction of Historical and Cultural Heritage, focusing on Theaters of the Early Modern as use case. In particular, the paper presents and discusses potential possibilities to enable: 1) the acoustical reconstruction of the virtual (lost) environments – beyond the graphical reconstruction for the buildings, elements and performances; 2) effective interaction features and navigation within the virtual environment (e.g. by means of adaptive interfaces, guiding methods, insertion of Point of Interest); and 3) accessible experiences, by means of an innovative and personalized presentation modes for access services, like subtitles and audio description. For most of these aspects and features, proof of concept implementation are provided, and opportunities for future work are outlined. With an effective combination of all these contributions, the goal is to bring back valuable (both tangible and intangible) Cultural Heritage from the past, providing high benefits in relevant sectors like Culture, Tourism and Education.

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