FALCON: joint fair airtime allocation and rate control for DASH video streaming in software defined wireless networks


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Software Defined Wireless Networks offer an opportunity to enhance the performance of specific services by applying centralized mechanisms which make use of a global view of the network resources. This paper presents FALCON, a novel solution that jointly optimizes fair airtime allocation and rate recommendations for Server and Network Assisted DASH video streaming, providing proportional fairness among the clients. Since this problem is NP-hard, FALCON introduces a novel heuristic algorithm that is proved to achieve almost optimal results in a practical amount of time. The performance of FALCON is evaluated when used in conjunction with three referent Adaptive Bit Rate strategies (PANDA, BOLA and RobustMPC) in a simulated ultra-dense In-flight Entertainment System scenario. The obtained results show that FALCON provides significant benefits by minimizing instability and buffer underruns, while obtaining a fair video rate and airtime allocation among clients, thus contributing to an enhanced Quality of Experience.

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